Let Us Manage Your Aircraft and Maximize Your Profit

Sterling Flight Training by Malone Air, Inc. offers aircraft management services for flight school training and corporate charter aircraft.  Aircraft management services are headed by founding partner, Melinda Malone, who is President of Sterling Flight Training and Malone AirCharter.  Melinda has successfully demonstrated to many aircraft owners how to simplify aircraft ownership responsibilities, use your aircraft when you want, maximize profits, and reduce administrative, operational, and regulatory burdens.

High Quality Aircraft Management

Sterling Flight Training by Malone Air, Inc. provides the highest quality of aircraft management for flight training operations, plus pre-purchase, sales and other aviation consulting.  Our thorough knowledge and expertise allows our clients to make informed decisions on personal issues surrounding the management of their aviation assets and day to day operations.  We offer a unique blend of consulting services to both the business and commercial aviation markets.  Knowledge, experience, integrity, and communication are the cornerstones of our management and consulting activities.

Safety Above All

Our safety record in the aviation field is paramount and unequalled.  For many years, professionally flown corporate and privately owned aircraft have maintained a far superior safety record than that of the airlines.  We believe this to be the case, due to our operational priorities, superior maintenance facility and pilot training. Additionally, an often overlooked benefit to professional management companies is that we continually track the myriad of operational and maintenance regulatory/currency requirements and maintain full accountability to our clients.  Aviation should be safe and relaxing.  Please consider Sterling Flight Training by Malone Air, Inc., to show you how easy and anxiety-free aircraft ownership should be.

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