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Malone AirCharter is a Jacksonville, Florida based family business dedicated to providing superior personal air charter services. We offer comfort, convenience and security without all of the hassle. You will save travel time and money by flying to airports that are more conveniently located to your destination. No more standing in long lines, waiting in crowded terminals or waiting for baggage claim

Malone AirCharter staff will completely customize the manner in which you travel by following your schedule, not the schedule of others. But more than that, we know you want a company that can competently manage every aspect of your travel experience from the moment you walk out your door until you arrive safely at your destination.

Malone AirCharter is FAA certificated, No. Q3SA041K, U.S. and Bahamian registered, and U.S. insured. Our aircraft and flight crews meet the highest FAA standards for safety and professionalism.

Malone AirCharter currently operates several air charter aircraft; a Beechcraft King Air B200, a Cessna Citation CJ1, a Cessna Citation XL, and a Cessna Citation Sovereign.

The Beechcraft King Air B200 is a 7 passenger twin turboprop. This aircraft has a comfortable and roomy “squared-oval” pressurized cabin, complete with an enclosed lavatory. The King Air has an excellent safety record and can operate off of airports that few aircraft of this class can. The King Air has a range of 1,400 miles without refueling, speeds up to 350 miles per hour, and altitudes up to 35,000 feet.

The Cessna Citation CJ1 is a 5 passenger twin jet perfect for regional travel.  The CJ1 cruises at speeds over 400mph and can get to New York City in a little over 2 hours.  The bread and butter for the CJ1 are trips in the 300-800 mile range but it can fly up to 1300 miles.  The CJ1 represents a great blend of efficiency and performance.

The Cessna Citation Excel is a 9 passenger, stand-up cabin, twin jet. The double club seating allows for an environment that invites in flight fun, convenience and luxury that greatly reduces travel stress. It also comes with WiFi. The Citation Excel has a range of 2,100 miles without refueling, speeds up to 500 miles per hour, and altitudes up to 45,000 feet.

The Cessna Citation Sovereign is a 9 passenger, stand-up cabin, twin jet.  The Sovereign is equipped with WIFI, enclosed lavatory with running water sink, and has coast to coast ability non-stop!  Cruising at over 500 mph at altitudes of 47,000 ft, it is considered by many to be the greatest business jet ever produced.

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